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DJCHEM Chemicals Poland
As far as services our company offers are concerned, we have developed the following competence portfolio:

Chemical Analysis Laboratory Chemical Analysis Laboratory / Chemical-and-physical properties measurement:
Our laboratory offers the following scope of services:
  • providing chemical analyses
  • quality analyses of water, sewage, air and gas
  • chromatographic and spectrophotometric analyses
  • providing control chromatographic analyses of THT content in natural gas
  • providing chemical-and-physical properties measurement

Chemical Rescue Chemical Rescue
We offer the following services:
  • consultancy and assistance in eliminating hazards and the results of hazards to the environment
  • trainings in chemical rescue
  • organization of chemical rescue services

Chemical consultancy Chemical consultancy
We offer the consultancy in the scope of:
  • organic and inorganic chemistry
  • measuring techniques and analyses
  • chemical processes and technologies

Designing Designing
We offer the following services:
  • designing chemical processes
  • designing technologies of chemical processes in micro and macro scales
  • designing, constructing and starting installations of chemical technologies

Constructing installations and devices Constructing installations and devices
We offer:
  • designing, constructing and starting specialist industry installations of chemical sewage purification
  • designing, constructing and starting specialist installations of air and gas purification

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